Community Banking

Save time!

Eliminate the tedious administrative work for groups, field agents, and local organizations. 

Add value!

Leverage more financial resources with the credit record. Empower people with content.

A complete bank

Make it easy to manage community banks and savings groups with:

Member administration

Meeting attendance

Cash and bank account

Reports and indicators

Savings and shares

Loans for members

Funds and contributions

Income and expenses

App Community Banking
App Community Banking

A complete solution


Access to records and balances of savings and loans via mobile phone.

Field Agents

Makes it easy to create new groups and manage portfolio.


Group portfolio management. Information in real-time. 

Multiple channels


The community banking app is available for Android and iOS or KaiOS for more basic smartphones.   


For communities and people with no internet we offer USSD technology to check and register transactions in real-time.  

Add more value!


Integration with banks or digital money platforms.


Communicate insights, training sessions and connect.

More resources

Build credit history and connect with third-party loans.

Save time and money!


Pay only for the modules used and the number of clients. You can also charge end-users.


2 to 3 months to implement your mobile wallet. Includes: training, tutorials and support.