Cyclos Support Center

Here you can find powerful tools, articles, and insights for the successful implementation, use, and optimization of your Cyclos payment software. Our Cyclos solutions are recommended by the Cyclos development team.

Hosting, installation and migration services for Cyclos 

Security and data privacy for Cyclos 

Configuration of Cyclos

  • Cyclos configuration basics
  • Cyclos advanced configuration
  • Payment methods comparison
  • POS solutions for Cyclos

Integration of Cyclos with other software and services (APIs)

Advanced Cyclos customization

  • Call to Actions
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Customized and flexible fee administration
  • Conditional group transfers 
  • Wizards
  • CRM module
  • Business reports
  • Customer service
  • Mail marketing (advanced) 
  • App customization

Training and mentoring services for staff

  • Cyclos coaching and training

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