Software Cyclos

We are passionate about Cyclos, the award-winning, and innovative payment software designed by STRO. With Cyclos, your organization has a reliable partner and saves time and significant development costs.

Cyclos Solutions

The low-cost and best-in-class payment software Cyclos has a unique value proposition. Cyclos integrates the versatile banking and payment platform with a marketplace and a wide range of services for:

Online Banking 

Mobile Banking

 Local Currencies


Our Services


  • Cyclos software installation

  • Configuration and parameterization

  • Programming and customization

  • Integration with other software


  • Hosting and cloud services

  • Maintenance and update services

  • Support and coaching for IT staff

  • Workshops and training sessions

Benefits Cyclos

Low cost

Safe and reliable

Versatile and scalable

Highly customizable

Easy to integrate (APIs)

Updates and new releases

Used by over 1500 payment networks around the world  

Our vast experience as digital currency architects, combined with the Cyclos online and mobile banking software, creates payment solutions that are unique, affordable,  and quick to implement. 

Our solutions are recommended by the Cyclos development team. 

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