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Money and complementary currencies

Financial inclusion and mobile banking

Mobile banking and financial inclusion

Award-winning software for mobile banking for the poor

Micropayments and m-Commerce solutions 

Remittances with micropayments

Savings and micropayments

Crisis loans with micropayments

Award-winning software for micropayments and m-Commerce

Savings groups for poverty 

Savings groups for communities

Software for savings groups benchmarketing

Award-winning software for savings groups

Local economic development

Social currencies for local economic development 

Software solutions for social and local currencies

Award-winning software for social and community currencies 

Comparando software para monedas sociales y locales

Ecological currencies for sustainable development

Buy local payment networks

Award-winning software for buy-local payment networks

Loyalty programs for local sport organizations 

Corporate currencies

Spare capacity and opportunity costs

Corporate barter networks

Award-winning software for barter networks

Loyalty programs for small businesses

Prepaid consumption vouchers