Free payment software: Cyclos 4 Communities 


Cyclos is best-in-class payment software. You can use the free Cyclos Communities or the complete and affordable Cyclos 4 PRO. In this post, we'll discuss the benefits and limitations of Cyclos  Communities for social currencies and payment networks.

Cyclos Communities : free payment software
Cyclos Communities : free payment software

Cyclos Communities features

Cyclos 4 Communities, is a free and limited version of the award-winning payment software Cyclos 4 PRO, developed by the Social TRade Organisation. The objective of Cyclos Communities is to stimulate and empower local economies.

Cyclos Communities supports payment networks and social currencies. It allows communities to create their own currency or payment network in a few simple steps and offers several interesting features such as:

Thousands of organizations worldwide have registered for Cyclos Communities

Benefits Cyclos Communities

We recommend Cyclos Communities for starting and small social currencies. It is a very powerful platform to define and align better your methodology. It helps you to get started and organized quickly.

The Cyclos Communities configuration is straightforward and very easy with the wizard. It can be done without technical assistance or third parties. The main benefits are:

Create your own online social currency with Cyclos Communities

Get more with Cyclos 4 PRO

However, before starting a social currency or payment network it is important to understand the additional benefits of Cyclos 4 PRO such as full flexibility and scalability. With Cyclos 4 PRO you can also:

With Cyclos 4 PRO you can configure Cyclos to meet your specific demands and create a fully dynamic complementary currency or payment network in a short period of time with an affordable investment budget. You can download Cyclos 4 PRO for free (until 300 users).

What is the best Cyclos for your organization?

If you are interested in experimenting with a social currency or in building a simple payment network and you have no real budget yet, then Cyclos 4 Communities is a nice starter. However, if you are looking for full flexibility and scalability, you better opt for Cyclos 4 PRO, though you will need more budget, technical requirements, and assistance.

It is better to take the right decision from the very start. Unfortunately, there is no magic button to migrate your Cyclos Communities configuration and data to Cyclos 4 PRO. Software migration is not easy and requires a well-established strategy and seamless process to protect the integrity of your data.

Before making such an important decision, ask for advice! As digital payment architects, we have worked with Cyclos since the beginning. This gives us a vast, rich, and unique experience. We help you to decide which Cyclos solution best fits your needs.

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