Best installation and hosting packages for Cyclos


The Cyclos payment software can be installed and hosted on your server or you can take advantage of specialized Cyclos hosting services and packages. In this post, we 'll compare several Cyclos hosting options. 

Cyclos hosting packages
Cyclos hosting packages

Cyclos hosting requirements

Cyclos is written in Java, because Java can best deliver the high reliability, scalability, and security needed for banking applications.

Any provider that can host Java applications and PostgreSQL can host Cyclos. However, since Java is enterprise software it will be more expensive than hosting a simple website.

You can install Cyclos on your server, do Cyclos hosting with STRO, or contact third-party host companies or Cyclos service providers.

Great Cyclos hosting boils down to the 3 S's:

Speed, Support and Security.

Host Cyclos on your server

It is possible to host Cyclos on your own server with the step-by-step tutorial. Cyclos can be installed on a tomcat server or inside a docker container.

If you want to have a quick preview of Cyclos it is easier to use the docker container (especially on Linux). You can compare system requirements, installation guides, and hosting on the following links:

While you can save money by doing your own hosting, you must be aware that you are also fully responsible for maintenance services and backups. It is therefore important that you have the necessary technical resources and qualified staff.

Hosting by STRO

STRO, the organization that develops Cyclos offers hosting services for users with a small or medium license. STRO hosting is supported directly by the Cyclos development team, however, costs are 125 Euro monthly.

The hosting services include initial installation, Cyclos hosting, and backup service. Extra support can be purchased for 100 Euro per hour. The hosting platform uses a dedicated server with SSD drives in a RAID 10 configuration ensuring high performance and redundancy.

Cyclos hosting for 125 euro a month
Cyclos hosting for 125 euro a month

Third-party hosting

Several companies provide third-party hosting packages for Cyclos. Before you purchase, be sure you consider the 3 S's: speed, support, and security. Ask service providers about:

monei installation and hosting packages

monei, is the leading Cyclos service and support provider, and delivers high quality, affordable, and secure Cyclos installation and hosting packages.

The Cyclos installation by monei is quick and helps you to save precious time and resources. monei runs the full Cyclos installation process on the server of your choice.

monei also offers best-price high-performance hosting packages that include free Cyclos installation, backup and restore services, plus Cyclos upgrading services. Additional benefits are:

As digital payment architects, monei has worked with Cyclos since the beginning. This gives them a vast, rich, and unique experience. monei installation and hosting packages are recommended and supported by the Cyclos development team.

Cyclos installation and hosting by monei

= speed, support and security

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