Practical guide for data migration to Cyclos 4 Pro


Cyclos 4 PRO is award-winning payment and currency software. In this post, we'll give you tips on how to migrate from your software to Cyclos 4 PRO quickly and securely.

Cyclos 4 PRO, payment software

If you have just purchased your Cyclos 4 PRO license or if you are about to do it, you made the right decision! Cyclos 4 PRO is award-winning payment and currency software used worldwide by financial institutions, payment networks, barters, and innovative currency systems.

With an appropriate Cyclos 4 PRO configuration, you can create a dynamic complementary currency or payment network and app in a short period of time and with an affordable investment budget.

With some professional support, advanced configuration, automation, and integration services with other software you can create best-in-class and highly scalable payment solutions.

Cyclos 4 PRO I Feature rich, secure and scalable payment software

Best practices for Cyclos migration

Software migration is complex and delicate, however totally necessary and natural if you opt for growth and improvement. It involves the correct preparation and configuration of your new software and a change in storage and database or application.

Unfortunately, there is no magic button to migrate your data and software configuration to Cyclos 4 PRO. You need well-established, seamless processes to protect the integrity of your data. There are some best practices to keep in mind:

The migration of software can be frustrating and time-consuming, so prepare for that reality and stick to your plan or you can end up finding that your Cyclos 4 PRO is functioning below expectations.

Create your Cyclos migration strategy

A competent migration strategy for your Cyclos 4 PRO should consider these four value-adding activities:

Do not risk the integrity of your data!

Migrate with authorized Cyclos service providers!

Migrate to Cyclos 4 PRO in 4 steps

With monei, migrating to Cyclos 4 PRO is secure and quick, and you do not have to take care of data integrity. We agonize over the right abstractions so your team doesn't need to stitch together both systems: 

Finally, we help you to improve efficiency and optimization of your configuration, assist website and software integration, automate processes, customize apps (iOS - Android) and train key staff if necessary.

As digital payment architects, we have worked with Cyclos since the beginning. This gives us a vast, rich, and unique experience. Our migration processes are recommended by the Cyclos development team.  

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More insights about Cyclos migration and optimization:

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