Boost customer experience with Cyclos - Whatsapp Business integration


In this post, we'll talk about the synergies and multiple benefits of integrating Cyclos with the world's most popular messaging application WhatsApp. It only takes a few steps to make the magic happen.

Cyclos - WhatsApp Business integration
Cyclos - WhatsApp Business integration

Cyclos, online and mobile banking software

Cyclos is a best-in-class and award-winning payment and banking software used by more than 1500 organizations worldwide including banks, barters, remittances, and innovative currency systems.

Cyclos has a unique value proposition, integrating the versatile banking and payment platform with a marketplace. Cyclos offers a wide range of services for online banking, mobile banking, local currencies, and E-commerce.

WhatsApp, the world's most popular messaging application

WhatsApp is a cross-platform centralized messaging and voice-over-IP service. It allows users to send text messages and voice messages, makes voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other content.

WhatsApp makes it also easy for a business to connect with customers, highlight products and services, and answer questions throughout the shopping experience. Whatsapp has 2 solutions for businesses: Business App and Business API.

WhatsApp Business solutions

The Business App helps small businesses to separate personal and work messages. Businesses can easily reply to messages and outside of operating hours, they can also set automated greeting messages & away messages. It is easy to download and free.

WhatsApp API is for more advanced customer service & sales experience. Since it's an API, there is no app and front-end interface. Instead, it requires you to take the WhatsApp API endpoint and integrate it into your business software.

Power your customer experience with Cyclos and Whatsapp!

Cyclos - WhatsApp synergies

With WhatsApp Business API you have an effective, reliable, and secure third-party customer communication channel for your Cyclos platform. Now think of the possibilities, synergies, and benefits when connecting both best-in-class platforms! Customers using WhatsApp can now:

With a more advanced service integration and special tools it is now also possible to automate, sort, and quickly respond to customer messages to organize customer service, or even feed your sales pipeline in Cyclos.

Boost Cyclos customer experience with WhatsApp
Boost Cyclos customer experience with WhatsApp

Cyclos - Whatsapp integration services

With monei, the Cyclos - Whatsapp Business API integration is simple and quick. We agonize over the right abstractions so your team doesn't need to stitch together disparate systems.

You only need 3 steps for a low-cost and high-quality integration of Cyclos and Whatsapp:

  1. Apply for an API account with Business Solution Providers (BSPs).

  2. We install a plugin that connects Cyclos to Whatsapp Business API.

  3. We further assist you to customize your services, configure Cyclos, and test.

As digital payment architects, we have worked with Cyclos since the beginning. This gives us a vast, rich, and unique experience. Our solutions are recommended by the Cyclos development team.

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