5 benefits of using an SSL certificate for Cyclos


How would you feel with a browser warning your website and Cyclos being "not secure"? This happens if you don't have an SSL certificate. In this post, we'll talk about how to improve Cyclos security, the benefits of SSL Certificates, and how to install them.

Cyclos security rating with SSL Certificates
Cyclos security rating with SSL Certificates

Cyclos, secure payment software

Cyclos is a best-in-class payment software used by more than 1500 organizations worldwide including banks, barters, remittances, and innovative currency systems. All these organizations depend largely on trust and security to deliver their services properly.

The software Cyclos is developed to build your payment platform with high security, flexibility, and scalability. Cyclos is committed to the strict implementation of security standards and guidelines such as defined by the ISO 27002, PCI, and EBA. Security is the basis of the Cyclos architecture.

Cyclos, secure payment software
Cyclos, secure payment software

How can your Cyclos data be intercepted?

Any information transmitted to and from the internet can be intercepted by other users on the same network. When using "http" the data is not encrypted, it is sent in plain text. This means your login details, passwords, or even credit card information can be read by anyone that can access it.

The biggest risk areas are when you use public WiFi. Anyone on the same public WiFi network can potentially intercept data transmitted by other users. Mobile connections are reportedly just as bad - because data is literally transmitted through the air and vulnerable to being intercepted.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a global standard security technology, or to put it simply: an extra layer of security. An SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that provides authentication for a website.

SSL securely encrypts any data that is sent between your visitor's web browser and the web hosting server. This means any information you submit (including payment details and passwords) will be encrypted during transit, and therefore cannot be intercepted and stolen.

Difference between unsafe and secure Cyclos with SSL certificate
Difference between unsafe and secure Cyclos with SSL certificate

How safe is your Cyclos data?

Any website that uses "http" in the address is not using a SSL certificate and is insecure. On the other hand, any site that has "https" in the address is using a SSL certificate.

These days the insecure "http" site will often be labeled insecure or have a grey appearance in the browser address bar, while a website using a SSL certificate will show a padlock icon, often in a reassuring green color.

Do a free and quick security analysis of your Cyclos domain name here!

5 benefits of SSL certificate for Cyclos

If you use the award-winning payment software Cyclos we recommend having your SSL certificate. Here are 5 benefits of using an SSL certificate:

How to install a Cyclos SSL certificate?

With monei, the installation of a SSL certificate for your Cyclos payment platform is secure and quick. While we agonize over the right abstractions your team saves time and important resources.

We get you an A security rating. We can install free SSL certificates with automatic renovation. You will save extra money and will have your Cyclos protected without the risk of late payment or service suspension. 

As digital payment architects, we work with Cyclos since the beginning. This gives us a vast, rich, and unique experience. Our solutions are recommended by the Cyclos development team and we represent STRO, the dutch organization that engineers the Cyclos payment software.

An SSL certificate is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity nowadays.

Boost up the level of protection of your Cyclos payment software!

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