Management & Insights

Digitalization leads to new insights and opportunities for service improvements, fluid communication, better decision-making, and for new intervention programs or strategies. Our dynamic and intuitive backend will assist you in achieving these goals.  

Data analytics console

We make it easy to see the big picture so you can focus on what matters most. Our data analytics console provides your staff with a live payment wall, accurate data, powerful statistics, and actionable insights in one place. 

User management

We build solutions that entitle administrators to manage resources and organize users according to their needs and roles while safeguarding user experience and the security of the platform with identity and access management (IAM).   

The data of users are protected by privacy policies and securely handled and stored. All data is protected in accordance with the GDPR and the highest security standards.

Helpdesk & content

Our solutions have a built-in help desk and messaging tools so users can contact directly with the administration for assistance or additional information.

Multiple mailing tools are available to connect with users and share great content (email, SMS, push notifications). The content can be made dynamic and interactive with system variables and custom operations. 

Third-party integration

The solution and platform can be integrated into your wider payment or software environment, and make sure that your infrastructure can handle the scheme without tiresome administration.

Integrate the mobile payment system to third-party systems with easy-to-use RESTful Web Services and Open API.

More than just software

We understand that digital and mobile payments are more than just software. It is a complex process that requires insights and support to define and execute action plans. We assist organizations in:


Training - Data migration - Help desk


Workshops -Blueprints - Toolkits.


Metrics - Insights - Decision making.

Support services in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.