We are committed to building mobile payment solutions for local economies and financial inclusion. We deliver quick-win solutions supported by the best-in-class Cyclos payment technology.  

Solutions ready-to-go

We developed and support 3 multi-purpose dynamic solutions, ready-to-go and low-cost. Each solution is scalable and customizable for branding, features, and settings. A quick set-up and easy to run, with no worries about extra costs, hosting, security, lack of time, or complex administration. We make delivering mobile payment solutions simple!


A full set of digital tools for the administration of savings groups, village banking, or small cooperatives. 


A complete and dynamic solution for timebanks, local exchange trade networks, or commercial barters. 


A full suite of practical digital tools to manage rewards, deliver subsidies, or promote local small businesses. 


We partner globally and help to act locally. We support our partner organizations with our digital tools, customized service, and help-desk.  With our solutions, partners can now focus on the things that really matter and create more value for their stakeholders and projects. 


Latin America

If your organization is committed to financial inclusion or local economies and wants to implement and manage mobile payment solutions or projects, we will be happy to help!