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Ana is a single mother, 45 years old. She has 3 sons. Divorced recently she moved to another small city where she found a job as a financial assistant, but it is hard to make and meets. To get some extra income..

Every day new complementary currencies are launched. Thousands of currencies of different kinds are already in circulation. And while there are certainly many interesting stories and cases, the truth is that most currencies have a short lifetime or just struggle to survive.

When speaking about complementary currencies, a number of overlapping and often interchangeable terms are in use. In this post, we organize the diverse and fascinating ecosystem of complementary currencies. We focus on why and how complementary currencies are built.

Money: coins, paper, cards, or just some digital numbers in a computer system. All of them, without any real intrinsic value. Still, we can hardly imagine our lives without it. Keep reading for a short history of money and how we can create new forms of money that work better for communities and local economies.