Around the world, more and more communities organize exchanges of goods and services, connecting people and optimizing local resources, skills, and talents. 

To organize a collaborative local economy, a community or social currency is used for the recordkeeping of transactions and exchanges. 

Networks that empower people!


Give one hour of service to another, and receive one hour credit for other services.


Manage Local Exchange Trade Systems  or Barter networks for people or  small businesses.

Social Rewards

Reward members of your community for green, social or healthy activities. Achieve shared goals! 

Community exchanges made easy!

Our easy-to-use Community Currency app helps to engage or connect people, and streamline the exchange of goods and services in the community in a secured and scalable framework, with minimum set-up and operational costs.

Members can message, offer and request goods and services, register exchanges, and keep track of balances, transactions, or rewards with the click of a button. 

The Community Currency app is highly configurable, dynamic, white-label, and multi-language. Data of groups and members are protected by privacy policies and securely handled and stored.

Connect your community!

The Community Currency app is designed for Android and iOS with low data usage. A Progressive Web App (PWA) solution is also available with intuitive navigation and a smooth experience for all devices. Basic features:

Community home page

Easy member sign-up
Invite new members
Offers, requests, and favorites
Payments and invoicing
Brokering of exchanges

Member management

Memberships and donations
Credit management
Reports and metrics
Messaging with members
Help desk

Connect multiple communities!

Build strong and resilient communities and neighborhoods. Interact and connect with them to share resources, activities, and knowledge. Our solution will help you to set up and manage a network of communities!

Community set-up wizard 

Community management

Trade between communities

Reports & leaderboards 

The Community Currency solution can be integrated and connected to third-party software and other platforms. 

Start your community exchange! 

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