Around the world, most businesses suffer from unused or spare production capacity and a lack of liquidity. We help businesses to pay and reward with their goods and services, using an internal account system or business currency. By doing so, businesses save cash, increase sales, improve profits, and connect more to their stakeholders.

Pay with products or services!


Reward with loyalty points or cashbacks. Customers will return and spend more!


Reward employees and collaborators with an extra without impacting your cash flow!


Pay suppliers preserving liquidity: barter or exchange of products and services!

Save cash and increase sales

We assist you to transform your production capacity or stock of unused goods and services into a business solution that saves cash and improves sales and commitment.

We deliver dynamic tools that operate in a secured and scalable framework without having to worry about growing costs, lack of time, and complex administration. Choose your starting strategy and add more features as you go! 

The Business Currency tools are highly configurable, dynamic, white-label, and multi-language. Data of groups and members are protected by privacy policies and securely handled and stored.

Multiple secure payment methods!


Digital coupons or gift cards that can be redeemed at your business, sales points, or partners.

Mobile wallets

Transfer credits to digital accounts so stakeholders can pay at your business or sales points.


A marketplace where stakeholders can buy products or services of their interest. 

Why it is convenient: 

  • More sales are waiting for you!

  • Save liquidity for other purposes!

  • Reduce costs of stock management!

  • Finance your business without interests or loans!

Multilateral currency:

  • Expand your network to other businesses or partners.
  • Pool products and services of multiple businesses
  • Facilitate sales with a multilateral currency.
  • Share objectives, resources, and management

Start your business currency! 

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