Mobile Payment solutions

Inspired by years of fieldwork and powered by the award-winning Cyclos software, we develop digital and mobile payment solutions that empower people and communities!

Powered by Cyclos

Cyclos is an award-winning payment and banking software with a proven track record in delivering security, flexibility, scalability, and quality. Cyclos supports hundreds of mobile payment networks across the globe. 

Tools for the future


Highly configurable, customizable, and brandable to optimize the user experience.


Security standards and privacy policies as defined by ISO 27002, PCI, EBA, and GDPR.


Clusterable and reliable, designed to scale seamlessly for multiple projects and countries.


Easy-to-use interface for third-party systems using the RESTful Web Services and Open API.


Pay-as-you-go: pay only for the tools used and the number of users supported.


Your customized solution with training, support, and help-desk in just a few weeks.

Quick-win solutions

For Financial Inclusion

For Local Economies