Savings groups or village banks are small groups of individuals who save together. The pooled savings are used for loans to members or as collateral for loans from financial institutions. Groups are managed by their members.

Simplify recordkeeping!

Our easy-to-use Savings Groups app streamlines group meetings, replaces all paper records, automates calculations, and enforces savings and loan methodologies or group policies.

The app makes record-keeping very easy, time-efficient, accurate, transparent, and secure, with instant access to a rich set of group metrics and financial statements. Members can access their balances and transactions with SMS or a mobile wallet. 

At the end of each savings cycle, share-out calculations are performed smoothly according to the chosen methodology to ensure accuracy and transparency.

The Savings Groups app is highly configurable, dynamic, white-label, and multi-language. Data of groups and members are protected by privacy policies and securely handled and stored.

Save time, build trust and value!

The Savings Groups app is designed for Android and iOS with low data usage. Only one smartphone is needed per group. Featured with:

Meeting attendance

Savings and shares
Loan administration
Social contributions
Income and expenses

Member management

Multiple funding
Reports and metrics
Group and cycle settings
Help desk

Add more value

Bank account & eMoney

Mobile member wallet

Digital portfolio for field agents

Share content & surveys

The Digital Savings Groups solution can be easily integrated and connected to third-party software. 

Start your digital savings groups! 

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