Mobile Wallet


Receive, save and use money with a mobile phone: easy, quick, and safe! Pay without cash or exposing personal information! 

Receive money

Load money on the digital wallet using bank transfers, credit and debit cards, or collector networks. Collect money and receive payments from other users.

Make payments

With the mobile wallet, you can pay purchases and services or send money to third parties.

App Mobile Wallet
App Mobile Wallet

Special purpose money

Buy local

Promote small businesses and foster the local economy.  


Send money to friends or family in other communities or cities.


A mobile wallet for students and school related purchases. 

Multiple channels


The mobile wallet app is available for Android and iOS or KaiOS for more basic smartphones. 


For communities and people with no internet we offer USSD technology to check and register transactions in real-time.

Add more value!


Give more with a revolving or emergency credit.


Promote business with virtual shops and E-vouchers.


Reward the use of the wallet with a loyalty program.

Save time and money!


Pay for the modules used and the number of clients. You can also charge end-users.


2 to 3 months to implement your mobile wallet. Includes: training, tutorials and support.