Increasingly we are moving away from cash into digital payments. However, in this process, many people and small businesses are left out because mobile technologies are not always accessible or appropriate to their needs.

Inclusive mobile payments

Cashless payments must be accessible at any time and from anywhere - but also provide an enriched customer experience. Our Mobile Wallet is designed to be inclusive, safe, and easy to handle.

Consumers can now transfer money and pay without using cash or exposing sensitive personal information. Merchants receive payments immediately, securely, and contactless.

The Mobile Wallet is highly customizable, dynamic, white-label, and multi-language. Transactions and member data are protected by privacy policies and securely handled and stored.

Safe and easy payments

The white-label Mobile Wallet is designed for Android and iOS with low data usage. They can also be released for KaiOS and low-cost basic smartphones. For not-smartphone-users, we offer USSD solutions and SMS notifications. Standard features:

Account overview

Add money

Make payment

Transfer money

Request payment


Add more value

Pay bills & airtime


Reward programs

Content management

The Mobile Wallet can be integrated and connected to third-party software or platforms.

Start your mobile wallet! 

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